Welcome to the Quantum Multi World Age Project


Plan: 2020-2021, Breda as first Mworld City

The Quantum Age starts with the invention of the Multi World Controller to manage the Unknown in time.

It's a CI ( Co-Intelligence ) between: Digital - Quantum Multi World -Will (Brains) brought together in

The Blue Swan Index

AI is not enough, CI is inevitable.

Project Schedule:

2015--------------- 2021-----------------------2022  2023  2025 2030

Activities done

  1. 27th december 2014: Invention of The Blue Swan Index after 15 years of research.
  2.  2015-Q3-2019: Testing and Roll Out of BSI in the Infra World.


Activities to do

Step 1: Q4-2020ntil Q3-2021

Make plan to roll-out  the Quantum Multi World Age  with the BSI as a Multi World ( Game ) Controller  that will make 100%  Safety possible and also will raise the ROI of companies.

Target:  (Nuclear) industry, Government, Science, Schools, Health Care

Step 2: Q1-2021 until Q4-2021

Restart the World Trade Port software applications 

2030 or ealier: The Multi World Age is a fact.